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The management of objects derived from an idea is the Aycod system. Using the Aycod system, we create tailor-made solutions for our clients to manage assets using identifiers such as barcodes or RFID tags. For instance, assets to be managed are chemical substances, biological substances, toxic waste … (consult us).

For example, in the case of chemical substances, clients wish to manage chemical products with a certain number of characteristices independent of packaging, e.g., name, CAS number, suppler … .


Furthermore, clients wish to attach the safety data sheet of the supplier to a chemical product, and in the case of a product that is dangerous, toxic, and/or an irritant, clients wish to associate standard H Phrases and pictograms to the substance.

Finally, clients wish to manage flasks or packages of chemcial product or parcels of packages with barcodes or RFID tags that are placed at locations that are in turn identified by barcode or RFID tag. Parcels are displaced, evacauted and inventoried and have information about status, e.g., expired, missing, ok … (contact us).